Blogger Book Fair | Best Covers

Each year I see so many amazing book covers and being a cover designer myself, I want to show appreciation for them. Don’t get me wrong, I think all the covers have something unique about them, but I wanted to award my favorites with a little extra attention.

AsTheCrowFlies_600x800As the Crow Flies by Robin Lythgoe.

I just love how the aged look compliments the black, ink-like graphics. It’s simple and elegant.

Book-RotS_smRebirth of the Seer by Peter Dawes.

The illustrations in all of Peter’s covers are simply amazing.

magicless_ebook_coverMagicless by K. Ferrin

What a gorgeous cover. The emerald stands out on this cover, giving it an eye-catching feature.


The Enclave by H. M. Clarke

Isn’t this just amazing. I’m suffering from MAJOR cover envy here. I don’t even know where to start.

Redemption small

Redemption by Andi O’Connor

This cover is simple, yet intricate. From far away it grabs your attention with the green, and from up close you can see the smaller details that make it unique.


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