Ebook Conversions with L. Blankenship

L. Blankenship is here to talk about ebook conversions. We have a live video replay for you and a discussion on Google+ afterwards.

A Note from the Presenter:

I’m a very hands-on self-publisher with a background in graphic design. I’ll list the things a self-publisher needs in order to do an ebook conversion using HTML, and also to use a formatting program like Sigil. I’ll outline the steps involved and common problems. Preparing cover images and interior artwork will also be discussed. Then I’ll go into conversion problems and checking your final files. And I will field questions to the best of my ability.

Thank you for watching! Want to learn more?

After the presentation, head over to the Google+ discussion.

You can find L. Blankenship and her books anytime at these places:

Website | Google+ | Twitter


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