Collaborative Writing and Publishing with Heather Ordover

Heather Ordover is here to talk about writing and publishing. We have a pre-recorded video for you and a discussion on Google+ afterwards.

A Note from the Presenter:

My experience has been a little odd—publishing knitting books with Cooperative Press and publishing YA fiction on my own.

Cooperative Press’ name gives away part of my topic–that being part of a community has been integral to my experience. In the “a rising tide lifts all ships” mindset, I’ve found that having others to share and collaborate with during the planning phase and the publishing/marketing phase has made it possible for me to spend more time (and quality time) on creation and writing–so necessary when you’re a small company and have to do virtually everything else on your own.

This collaborative model–and the sharing of knitting book profits with my designers–fits my ethical construct of how I want my life to work much more comfortably than other models. I’ve worked very hard and have been very lucky to find the groups and people who I get to work with every day.

Thank you for watching! Want to learn more?

After the presentation, head over to the Google+ discussion.

You can find Heather Ordover and her books anytime at these places:

Website | Twitter | Google+ | Facebook


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