Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing with Alyssa Auch

Alyssa Auch has a pre-recorded video for you to watch. Her topic of choice is the differences between traditional publishing and self publishing.

A Note from the Presenter:

I was traditionally published for my first book, and then decided to roll the dice and go for self-publishing for the second. I learned a lot about the publishing industry in the process, and I’d love to share with other authors so they can get an honest look at what each option is like. I will talk about:

  • My experience being traditionally published and the pros and cons.
  • My experience self-publishing and the pros and cons.
  • Which I like better, and why.

I’d just like to be very honest about the process, and share the tips I gained along the way.

Thanks for watching! Want to learn more?

After the  presentation, head over to Alyssa’s Google+ to discuss the topic further and ask her questions.

You can also find her and her books anytime at these places:

Website/Blog | Facebook | Twitter


3 thoughts on “Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing with Alyssa Auch

  1. Very cool, Alyssa! I didn’t know that you’d been both traditionally and self published. Great video. It’s always fun to put an actual face and voice to authors I follow.

    I could definitely appreciate the struggle between the two, and it’s nice to hear from an author what they’ve found between the two of them, especially regarding credibility. I am an advocate for self publishing, but I also think self publishing shoots itself in the foot sometimes because it’s so easy to publish.

    Thanks for being so frank and honest. All of them have a lot of hurdles to face, it’s nice to be able to hear them upfront so I know what to expect as someone who plans to go into self publishing without attempting a traditional route.

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