How Does BBF Writer’s Workshop Work?

The first annual BBF Writer’s Workshop will be the inaugural event that helps writers become better at writing, publishing and marketing through peer enlightenment. Authors and other industry professionals are encouraged to sign up to present either a live video, pre-recorded video or podcast in a special 30 minute time slot reserved for them on the days of the event. After their presentation, they will also be available for discussion via their preferred social media platform.

So, how will we pull off this awesome event to help writer’s everywhere FREE OF CHARGE?

First, the pre-recorded videos and podcasts, and links to live videos and podcasts will be embedded in a blog post on both this blog, and the presenter’s blog and scheduled to go live at the time that is set for them. There will also be information on the presenter and links to the discussion that takes place after each presentation.

A few days before the event, a detailed schedule will go up on this blog. You can also sign up to receive it in your inbox.

During the event, all workshops will be accessible through this blog in one way or another.

Finally, after everything is wrapped up, there will be an after party on Facebook, where anyone can network, join in on fun conversations and discuss other topics in depth.


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